Stemming from the beautiful islands of the Seychelles, our namesake; the Seychelles paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone corvina), known locally as the Veuve Bleu, is a rare bird from the genus of paradise flycatchers. This forest dwelling bird is found on the island of La Digue, Seychelles. 

We chose this bird to represent us as birds teach us all something important; no matter how far you fly, you will always know your home. As Seychelles is one of the smallest countries on the African continent, we are reminded by the Veuve to stay true to who we are and the beauty which our continent has to offer.

Listed as a "Vulnerable" bird on The International Union for Conservation of Nature, this little creature has shown us the importance of taking care of our planet. This is why we are committed to producing Eco-friendly and sustainable products that will cause no harm to you or the planet. This means we are always working to be greener and friendlier to our world!