Ubuntu, simply put, means "I am, because you are". This proudly South African philosophy encompasses the fundamental virtues of humanity and compassion; making Ubuntu the perfect name for our very first collection. Inspired by the african beadwork, the mats of the UBUNTU collection encompass the lively culture of Africa and it's people. Our design comes in 3 colour combinations, each with their own meaning and purpose. Our mats are also symmetrical, ensuring your alignment throughout your practice.
Inspired by the isiZulu and Ndebele tribe of South Africa, this mat is a "love letter" to yourself.

We named her Nala as the name means "prosperity, gift and beloved" allowing us to bring the love into your home!

With tones of the Protea flower, this mat which embraces feminity and joy; will have you wanting to practice everyday!
Inspired by the African sun, desert and sea; this mat focuses on your well-being and the external being yourself, your body and the world.

There is no better way to complete your Sun Salutations; than on a mat that embraces all of the good energy and light that the sun brings you!
Our shining star guiding you to your true north.
Naledi embraces creativity and encourages you to live a life full of colour, on and off the mat.

Find your true north, practice awareness and create a colourful life.



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What customers are saying?

"Three years ago, I started practicing yoga in a yoga studio. What I noticed at that first that most yoga mats which I used so far including my own mat at home were very cold and uncomfortable, which affected my performance of yoga exercises. That is why I got a new mat for my yoga retreat. First, I was attracted to the design of this mat. It is not only very beautiful but very helpful during some yoga practices. I practiced 4 hours a day during my 5 days of yoga at the retreat. My experience of the mat was positive; I had amazing grip and comfort from the start. The mat was very easy to roll up and easy to transport with the carrying strap. During relaxation I felt very comfortable on the mat. The mat is simply a dream for me."


from Germany

“Being a yoga teacher I go through a lot of mats and have tried out so many. VEVBLEU is by far the most unique and most comfortable of all the of the mats I ever owned. To me the softness and grip was a great surprise as I didn’t expect something so beautiful and soft to work out to be functional and super non-slip. It works for a good sweat and even better cool down and meditation. Not to mention, how pretty it looks and the story behind each design. Designed with good intention and love.”


from UAE

“I started yoga during the pandemic and lockdowns, using online classes. First I was rather sceptical and just used an old fitness mat I still had at home. I quickly realized that the mat, especially when starting yoga, is as important as good running shoes when starting to run. With the mats from VEVBLEU I enjoy every moment of my yoga practice. They are spacious and comfortable, but most important I have a lot of grip, so I don't slip, even when trying some new, challenging assanas. During a yoga event I realised that the design actually helped me a lot with my alignment. Since I got the mat I am always looking forward to my next yoga session.”


from Germany

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