It’s time for you to meet another member of the VEVBLEU team!

Hey friends! My name is Hella Moustache – your friendly content writer, lover of all thing’s beauty related and the talent behind the journal. I know it’s taken me a while to introduce myself but I’m so excited to share with you all a bit about my passion for writing and giving back. Together, my sister and I are the creative team behind the brand and we work closely in every aspect of the company.

Although I was born in the Seychelles, I have been living in South Africa my whole life and I couldn’t be happier to have grown up in a country that celebrates diversity! So, here is a peep into who I am, what I love and how I’ve chosen to follow my bliss.


Q: What made you want to work with VEVBLEU?

A: Besides the obvious philanthropic aspect (which by the way, I absolutely LOVE!), it’s the freedom of creative expression. When my sister, Maguy, approached me about writing content, it felt so strange to me because I’ve never thought of myself as a writer; although a part of me was always drawn to writing. Maguy has allowed me to follow my inspiration and delve deeper into something that brings me so much joy. As VEVBLEU has grown, we’ve adopted a family vibe and never limited ourselves and our ambassadors to what they can and cannot do, and that’s just so cool to me!


Q: What’s your favourite aspect about the VEVBLEU model?

A: Growing up in a country like South Africa, the disparity between the haves and the have-nots is blatantly clear. When I was a teenager and I started thinking about what I wanted to do after school, there was only one thing I knew; I wanted to help people. I have never been one to be too interested in fame, money or status. It was always finding a way to help others and making a living from it. After school, I obtained an Honours degree in Audiology (before studying further to my Master’s degree) and was placed in a rural village in KwaZulu-Natal as part of my community service. During that year, everything became clear. Working in a deep rural village and forming relationships with the people of that beautiful community, I knew that my mission was always to help to change lives. When my sister and I spoke about the issues surrounding women’s access to education, I knew this was my calling. As someone so passionate about education, this was everything I could have asked for. I love the philanthropy aspect of VEVBLEU and I know that I can realise my dream through it.


Q: When did you start writing?

A: Officially, this is my first writing gig. However, I’ve always enjoyed it because of how much I love reading. Since childhood, I’ve dreamt of being able to make people feel things through my writing. When I was young, I remember writing short stories, illustrating them and placing them in a folder; but it wasn’t until I was in my final year of school when my English teacher pulled me aside and told me that I had a gift of writing that I took it seriously. I’m many moons away from being a professional writer, but I know it’s written in the stars for me.


Q: Which is your favourite VEBLEU mat and why?

A: This is easy – my Nala mat. I am obsessed with that it stands for! I love that I can roll out my mat and be reminded of the strength I possess because I am a woman. It makes me feel empowered, comforted and above all, motivated to push further in my fitness goals.


Q: Which principles of yoga, if any, has translated into your everyday life?

A: I’ve been practicing yoga since I was about 16 so I’ve learnt a lot along the way; but, there’s two things that really stand out for me, being humble and persevering. Every time I stumble, lose my balance or fall flat on my face, I am reminded that you should never be too confident because you can fall at any minute. That fall also pushes me to try again and again until I improve. I feel like these principles are so important in daily life because it’s full of falls and disappointments, you’ve just got to pick yourself up each time!


Q: What’s your usual morning routine?

A: This is tough because I’m not a morning person at all! In fact, I don’t like to speak to anyone until like 10am; but my day usually starts at 6:30am. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is stretch, touch my toes and let my hands touch the floor, letting my head hang to get my blood flowing (I know it’s weird but it gives you a nice rush of energy!). Then I’ll have a cup of green tea and some breakfast. My current favourite is overnight oats – I could eat that every day! After a shower, I round off my morning by planning my to-do list and doing a quick 10-minute journal session where I set my intentions and goals for the day.


Q: What’s your favourite dish?

A: Nothing brings me comfort like a bowl of mac n cheese! It was the first dish I learnt how to make and it still gives me all the warm and fuzzy feels I need on a bad day. Other than that, just about any dish from Italian or Asian cuisine will be in second place.


Q: If you could have a meal with anybody, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

A: This is tough! Off the top of my head, I would have to say Maya Angelou. I’ve always loved her writing (my favourite poem is Phenomenal Woman) and she is such an inspiration! An actress, writer, dancer and civil rights activist – honestly, what couldn’t she do!