There is something sacred about a morning ritual. No matter who you are, everybody has a set of actions that are completed daily and makes you subconsciously satisfied. As we welcome adulthood, our rituals change and showcase something important to us; whether that is your wellbeing, physical health, family or career.

I want you to think about what your ritual looks like right now and ask yourself:

  • Does my ritual bring me peace or chaos?
  • Does my ritual set my intentions for the day ahead?
  • Am I happy with my ritual?

If your answers are less than ideal, then it may be time to rethink your ritual! So, let’s get into it!


Step 1: Get your 8 hours

Stop glorifying overworking, binge watching and the “I don’t need a full 8 hours sleep to function” lifestyle. Getting a full night’s sleep is imperative to having a productive day as an adult. To help facilitate quality sleep, switch off your TV/laptop and put down your cell phone at least 40 minutes before you plan to sleep, have a nutritious meal at least 3 hours before bedtime and try to get some sun during the day (this helps regulate your circadian rhythm).


Step 2: Deactivate your snooze button

Knowing that you can snooze your alarm sets you up for procrastination. Rather switch off your alarm, count to 5 and get out of bed. Keep your slippers beside your bed and if you can, pre-set your coffee machine so that the aroma of your morning cuppa fills the air and starts your day on a positive note!


Step 3: Try a new morning drink

Daily, more than 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide. As you can imagine, coffee is the go-to drink for many adults in the morning but did you know that other drinks are also great to help you get the morning going. For example:

  • Green tea: This is a great alternative to coffee as it contains caffeine but also helps with digestion and bloating. Drinking green tea before exercising also enhances weight loss and decreases muscle damage.
  • Turmeric Latte (Golden Milk): A fantastic morning drink as it reduces inflammation, assists with detoxing and it’s a powerful antioxidant.

Recipe: Turmeric Latte (Golden Milk)

2 cups of your milk of choice (I love coconut milk for this!)
1 ½ teaspoons of ground turmeric
½ teaspoon of cinnamon
1-inch piece of peeled fresh ginger
Honey or maple syrup (to taste)
Pinch of black pepper

Method: Heat up the milk in a saucepan, add in the rest of the ingredients and bring to a simmer. Stir until all ingredients are dissolved. Pour into 2 cups and enjoy warm!


Step 4: Fuel your body

Nothing will start off your day better than a healthy and nutritious breakfast. If you do not have the time to make a meal in the morning, there are plenty of meals that can be prepared the night before. My personal favourite is overnight oats!

Recipe: Hella's favourite overnight oats        

50g of rolled oats
1 cup of milk of choice
1 tablespoon of chia seeds
Honey or maple syrup (to taste)
½ teaspoon of vanilla essence
Cinnamon (to taste)
Seasonal fruit

Method: Combine your oats, milk, chia seeds, sweetener, vanilla essence and cinnamon in a glass jar/bowl. Stir and ensure your oats are covered with your milk. Place in your fridge overnight. In the morning, add in your seasonal chopped fruit and extra milk or water to achieve the desired consistency, and enjoy!


Step 5: Be positive

Start your day by showing gratitude and setting your intentions for the day. This can be easily accomplished by using a journal. Start your journal entry by listing 5 things you’re grateful for, 3 things you want to do today and anything else you’re looking forward to. End off your entry by writing down an affirmation that you need and repeat that to yourself as the day progresses.


Step 6: Get outside

The final step in a productive morning ritual is to be outside. Stop sitting in front of the TV or running around frantically. Take your morning drink and your journal and go outside, if you can. Even 5 minutes outside of your home will energise and relax you, leaving you eager to start your day.

Everyday, we are gifted an opportunity to make this the best day. When we start to live with the comfort of a productive morning routine, we no longer stress over what needs to be accomplished in the morning and whether or not we will have a good day. Instead, we are reassured that we will rise again and begin the day with a smile on our faces.


Wishing you all many mornings of bliss and calmness!

Till next time,